Issue Two, Spring 2017

Image by Emils Gedrovics


Letter to a Young Poet, by Kathleen Jamie



Andrew McMillan

Mary Jean Chan
 ‘What My Diary Might Look Like’
 ‘On Losing Face So the Body Comes Back’

Jo Young
 ‘Extra Detail from Kandahar International’

Sophie Robinson
 ‘black cherry’
 ‘cancer, leo rising’
 ‘nothing nothing’

James Giddings

Wang Wei
Translated by Garry Mackenzie
 ‘Darkening Hills’
 ‘The path up the hill’
 ‘White hairs’

Martha Sprackland
 ‘Twilight Sleep’
 ‘Cherry Bomb’

Tom Weir
 ‘The Book of British Birds’

Adrianna Smith
 ‘Elm Flats, New York’

Rebecca Perry
 ‘beaches (7)’
 ‘beaches (10)’
 ‘beaches (14)’

Seán Hewitt
 ‘Tawny Owl in Fog’
 ‘doxology (at the foot of a holly tree)’

Michael Grieve

Blake Morrison

Rachel Piercey
 ‘Spring Cleaning’
 ‘The Sea of Marriageability’

Beth McDonough

Ursula Andkjær Olsen
Translated by Katrine Øgaard Jensen

Aoife Lyall
 ‘Ladies Walk, Inverness’

Laura Scott
 ‘Breaking Things’
 ‘The Lesson’

Devon Walker-Figueroa
 ‘Gray Diggers’
 ‘(Our Burning Is a Glow We Can’t Perceive)’

Sam Riviere
 ‘Against Interpretation’

Image by Anna O’Connor


Nora Chassler
 ‘The Death of Nature’
 ‘A Change in the Memes of Production’
 ‘My Lovely Lady Humps’

Indigo Baloch

Jake Rosati
 ‘All Of It’

Image by Miranda Stuart


Sean Robinson
on Jackself, by Jacob Polley

Alexa Winik
on Float, by Anne Carson

Rick de Villiers
on The Sellout, by Paul Beatty

Sean Robinson
on Falling Awake, by Alice Oswald

Francesca Bratton
on Rockadoon Shore, by Rory Gleeson

Meghan Maguire Dahn
on Four Reincarnations, by Max Ritvo

Suzannah V. Evans
on Void Studies, by Rachael Boast


Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors

ISSN 2398-9300

Image by Joseph Birdsey