Issue Three, Winter 2017

Artwork: St Andrews (Detail) | Oil Painting © Lisa Lygo, 2017 | Cover Design: Rachel Hall


Letter to a Young Poet, by Patricia Smith




Timothy Donnelly
 November Paraphrase

L Kiew

Harry Giles
 Inga an Olaf at the Lighteen
 Soo at the Wrack-Hofn

Melcion Mateu
Translated by Rowan Ricardo Phillips
 Adam Gerber’s Goodbye

Terese Svoboda
 Water Safety
 The Children’s Hour

Alaina Ferris
 Is That Not a Pixel in My Armchair?

Matt Salyer
 Fam, Innit
 Watching the Fights at the Tryon House While Lorca Says Duende

K.M. English
 from Wave Says

Wayne Holloway-Smith
 One story goes a man
 I’m sorry Keep the obscene cat

Christie Williamson
 Held fast

Tess Jolly
 The Make-up Artist

Melissa Lee-Houghton

Herberto Hélder
Translated by Sérgio Sarano
Poemacto II

Kevin Cahill
 Doggie Style
 Since my nieces have come

Şebnem Susam-Saraeva
 Neist Point

Mark Russell
 Men Looking Across Rivers
 Men on Call

Rowan Ricardo Phillips
 On First Looking into Being Forty

Timothy Berrigan
 “I always said that I was only a character”

Moniza Alvi
 Motherbird and Her Life So Far
 Motherbird’s Ornament

Rowena Knight

Rab Wilson
 There Is Nae ‘Thaim an Us’ ava; It’s ‘Us’.

Sarah Lubala
 An Inheritance


David Harsent
 Nuit Blanche


Sails/Birds © Yulia Kovanova, 2017




Janna Coleman

Matthew Gigg
 Leonard as a Young Man

W. Brandon Bell
 Selling Affection

Raquel Dorman
 from Desire Line


Crescent/Trans-Siberian © Yulia Kavanova, 2017




Alexa Winik
on Emily Berry’s Stranger Baby

Jenna Rogers
on Margo Jefferson’s Negroland

Sean Robinson
on Sinéad Morrissey’s On Balance

Hannah Star Rogers
on Elizabeth Metzger’s The Spirit Papers

Francesca Bratton
on Tara Bergin’s The Tragic Death of Eleanor Marx


Subway/Sunset © Raquel Dorman, 2017

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors

ISSN 2398-9300

St Andrews | Oil Painting © Lisa Lygo, 2017