Issue 5, Winter 2018

Letter to a Young Poet by Marwa Helal

Introduction to the Arab Heritage Poetry Special Feature
by Poetry Editor Zein Sa’dedin

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Fady Joudah                                ‘Return Is Only to the Stranger’

Jess Rizkallah                              ‘can you be arab without following every trail of smoke’

Edmund Berrigan                      ‘Minor Cosmologies’ & ’13 – 16′

Tom Druker                                ‘Reconstruction Monument’

Helena Fornells Nadal               on Vahni Capildeo’s Venus as a Bear

Paul Stephenson                         ‘Moving the Hens’

‘Self-Acceptance IV’ | oil on canvas, 40cm x 50cm, 2017 © Lesley Oldaker, 2017


‘Do Not Rush’                                  Omar Sakr

on Robin Robertson’s The Long Take                               Anna Tipton

‘Yellowthroat (I)’ & ‘Yellowthroat (II)’                                 Matt Rader

                ‘Regional Managers’                               Ryan Barrett

‘Beside the Conservatory of Flowers’                                   Jake Darin

‘Café Cinema’, Berlin | oil on board, 183 x 122cm © Charlie Yates, 2017
‘Chaakoo Bombay Café’, Glasgow | oil on board, 61 x 61cm © Charlie Yates, 2017


Zein Sa’dedin                                on Peter Twal’s Our Earliest Tattoos

Luke Kennard                               ‘Henry’ & ‘Crow Baby’

Aysar Ghassan                               ‘Meniscus’ & ‘Refractions’

Daniel Felsenthal                          ‘I Stopped Being Friends with Jimmy Santini’

Mary Anne Clark                          ‘The saint takes the monster to church & the monster catches a cold’

Nadine Aisha Jassat                       ‘My Past Travels Cross Country’

‘imċaqlaq’ | wood & glass © Joseph Calleja, 2018 | photographs © David Cass, 2018


‘DO NOT ENTER’ & ‘HERE’                                Kathrine Sowerby
& Tessa Berring

‘First Dream’ & ‘Goliath Theory’                                       Josh Bettinger

‘The Sound’                                Jessica Abughattas

on Nick Drnaso’s Sabrina                                          Varun Nayar

‘Because’                                               Dean Atta

on Olga Tokarczuk’s Drive Your Plow Over the Bones of the Dead                                              Jay G. Ying

‘How hope became green’                           Ghayath Almadhoun
Translated  by Catherine Cobham

‘At the Gates, Jibril Asks Me Where I Come From’                                      Hazem Fahmy

‘Self-Acceptance II’ | oil on canvas, 23.5cm x 16.5cm, Flux Exhibition © Lesley Oldaker, 2017


Marjorie Lotfi Gill                                   ‘Gather In’

Alex Amey                                                ‘The Turtle’

George Abraham                                     ‘against perturbation’

Philip Metres                                            ‘The Particulars of Which’

Annie Freud                                              ‘Sydney on the Street of Knives’ & ‘Lines Composed on a Carved Pew-End’

Zeina Hashem Beck                                 ‘Morning Prayer’

‘imċaqlaq’ | wood & glass © Joseph Calleja, 2018 | photograph © David Cass, 2018

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors

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