Issue 8, Summer 2020


Letter to a Young Poet, by George Szirtes

Introduction to the English as an Additional Language Poetry Special Feature
by Poetry Editors Marina Dora Martino & Helena Fornells

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*Please note that the particular spacing of some of the poems may be affected by viewing in a small window or on a phone. We recommend reading the issue on as wide a screen as possible.

Livia Franchini
‘Best Practice’, ‘A Balcony’, & ‘Smart Fridge’

Dan Gutstein
‘In the Twilight, in the Twilight Corrupted by Indifferent Lumens’

Alycia Pirmohamed
I Love the Alien Foliage: On How to Wash a Heart by Bhanu Kapil

Catherine Eunson
‘This Winter’ & ‘Freude’

JinJin Xu
‘Showing My Mother a Censored Film She Cannot Unsee, in Three Acts’

‘Good hair, good teeth, good skin’ (front & reverse), mixed media embroidery © Becky Brewis

Gnaomi Siemens
‘To Our Sister, Lately of Pittsburgh’

Marco Yan

Andrew Neilson
on Robert Selby’s The Coming-Down Time

Anne-Laure Coxam
‘an inner revolution hidden behind half a revolution’ & ‘What the flock?’

Ricky Monahan Brown
‘Dùn Èideann’

Shane McCrae
‘The Beginning of Time’ & ‘Last Sonnet for My Son, 2014’

‘Crossfloor (1)’ © Ann-Kathrin Müller | *Click the image above to view a poem by Magdalena Treutwein that inspired this artwork*

L Kiew
‘The Conservator’

Joseph Fasano
‘The Middle of the Way’ & ‘Letter to Lorca Written on His Piano, Granada, 2019’

Dianty Ningrum
‘Western Politeness’ & ‘Two Laments’

Chad Campbell
‘Map of the Earth at Night’

Ethan Milner
on Eduardo Corral’s Guillotine

Iulia David
‘Static’ & ‘Dear Marie Kondo I’m Sorry But I’ve Already Made It Glorious’

‘Votive wombs’ © Becky Brewis

Yvette Siegert
‘Aviar/y’ & ‘California Roll’

Jennie Hunter
‘My Old Man Didn’t Sing’

George Szirtes
‘Riding the Danube’ & ‘The Pigeons’

Miruna Fulgeanu
‘Comb Seller 19’

‘Heartless (1 & 2)’ Ann-Kathrin Müller  |*Click the images above to view a poem by Magdalena Treutwein that inspired this artwork*

Jack Belloli
on John Wilkinson’s Lyric in its Times

Rachel Rankine
‘Glasgow Uni Accent’ & ‘Speak Properly’

Kostya Tsolakis
‘totality’, ‘Strange pilgrims’ & ‘Midnight in Hyde Park Rose Garden’

Julie Irigaray
‘Divine Séraphine’

Harrison Pyros
‘Surveillance and the Stars’

Hannah Star Rogers
‘In the box I forgot to tell you existed’ & ‘Geometries’

Ioannis Kalkounos

‘Welcome to my Channel’, video installation © Becky Brewis

Pey Oh
‘Yama, King of the Dead, has a guest in Purgatory’

Agnes Hanying Ong
‘The Poor Fisherman Feels More Dignified Dying’

Jaydn DeWald
‘GRID (11)’

Isabel Galleymore
Liminal Landscapes: Pratyusha’s Bulbul Calling & Will Burns’ Country Music

Ken Babstock
“, comma”, ‘Bonavista’, & ‘Lightwell’

Lauren Delapenha

‘Crossfloor (2)’ © Ann-Kathrin Müller

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors