Miruna Fulgeanu



Comb Seller 19


In the glass, the catkins
have caught a golden shuffle – sure signal
my comb seller has arrived.

This is a matter
of slippers and shutters. As we exchange
on the threshold, I lean

gratefully on this wood
that keeps guard over my indoors body
and wonder if this one

might stay. With him
as Ulysses, nostalgic like a continent,
I had fallen in love

before meeting. I sit
back down, my corset eyelets squint
with catlike laziness.

Singularly bashful,
the teeth emerge from my cascade of hair,
peeking, unpicking.



Miruna Fulgeanu is a Romanian-born poet, translator and librarian living in London. She has recently completed an MA in Creative & Life Writing at Goldsmiths. Her work has appeared in Poetry London and amberflora.

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