Aaron Kent


Bone Idol


I’ve  never  set  foot  in  a  pub  without boxing gloves and a can of socialism  – they wanna split us by those who down pints and those that quaff – the working class is a rainbow is a taught violence – I’ve never set foot in a pub without a reason to vote – a terraced house tory is still a tory – a terraced house terrorist is a consequence of an iron fist – it takes a parliament to kill a dream and the daily mail to kill a kid – I’ve never crossed a picket line I didn’t love – environmentalism is for the rich I sustain myself on pesticides – we’ve got slide tackles  in  our  veins  and  yellow  carded kids – thatcher killed my granddad we dream of feeding her asbestos – we’ve got community and a fried breakfast – put the kettle    on    –    round    2    and    no longer sparring – I’ve never loved a tory and      I    don’t    plan    on   going   home a



Aaron Kent is a working class poet and the publisher of Broken Sleep Books. He has had a few pamphlets released and has recently finished his debut collection. You can find him on Twitter: @GodzillaKent

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