Daniel Sluman

single window


we watch documentaries on mute

from the sofa we’ve lived in
for the last eight months

the frames crash over us

the colours
the names
the stories rip        & merge

& we don’t sleep or we sleep
all day

when we finally pull back the curtain

a slant of rain is leaning
against the road

slick with rotting leaves


autumn smoulders everything
back to its roots

spoils it

to a hazy gauze
of yellows & browns

we count down the seconds
before our pills sing their gospel inside us

we rock in our seats
eyes rolled back

towards the heaven
of improved conditions

all animals must maintain

however small
however distant it becomes

all day we drink tea piled with sugar

& wake in yesterday’s clothes
to this piss-bright sunrise

& our daily bread
is to not let ourselves bend

or break

under the weight
of this light




Daniel Sluman is a 34-year-old poet and disability rights activist. He co-edited the first major UK Disability poetry anthology Stairs and Whispers: D/deaf and Disabled Poets Write Back, and he has published two poetry collections with Nine Arches Press, his second, the terrible was released in 2015. He has appeared widely in UK poetry journals and his third collection of poetry single window is to be published by Nine Arches Press in Autumn 2021.

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