Edmund Berrigan


Minor Cosmologies


It was warm next to the red lights
for the actual state that you need to review
am i non-binary or not … maybe
i need to count on people in a way
that doesn’t require their presence
because i tend to care about intra-dimensional
misanthropes of handsome cosmology
I would like to vibrate my molecules enough
to pass through my shirt, my new one
that mom sent from Paris, in such a way
as to gently and invisibly wrap it around you
so that only when you looked down mid-sentence
would you notice that you were wearing it
pausing for a moment until it returned to me
and otherwise we would just go on with our days
weeks, years, we would never know or speak
of it, all I really want from you is endless wonder,
and so far I have that, but the appetite increases
by its own nature, and there’s not much else
that I can do, except pass right through you.



13 — 16


The danger of sentimentality
as it looks lovingly away from
larger perspectives
we had it all but only looked
at some of it
then decided that sum the total
divided by perseverence
squared a cathedral fractal wound
other times why am I here
how did we come to disrepair
that car made a flip
in multiple locations
hearts raced

what am I doing now
with you
and which part
of the emotion are
we looking through


Edmund Berrigan is the author of 3 poetry collections Disarming Matter (Owl Press), Glad Stone Children (Farfalla), and Can It! (Letter Machine Editions) A new book of poems, More Gone, is forthcoming from City Lights Spotlight series in the spring of 2019.

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