Issue 10, Disabled Writers Special Feature

Articulations © Hamid Tibouchi

Letter to a Young Poet, by Melissa Lee-Houghton

Introduction to the Disabled Writers Special Feature
by editors Claire Carroll, Emma Bussi, Shannon Fox, and Ben Vince

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Jai Hamid Bashir

Katarzyna Szaulińska
translated from the Polish by Mark Tardi

Tyler Raso
6. July
7. August

Polly Atkin
Bluebell Season

Daniel Sluman
single window

Point de Rencontre | Lavis d’encre de chine sur velin d’arches, 43 x 33 cm © Hamid Tibouchi 2008


Teresa Milbrodt
Bat Kid

George Ayres
New Space Music

Bethan Tyler
A Bestiary: Notes on Empire

Willy Conley
The Rockers

Moss Pepe
The Visual Field of Illness: On Gargoyles by Harriet Mercer

Jenn Blair
Afternoon Slag


Paul Magrati
Upon visiting Richard Cameron’s cairn

Hannah Lavery
excerpt from Lament for Sheku Bayo

Gaia Thomas
wolf dream moon

Liz Whiteacre
Cycles on Wind Street

Fibule | Lavis d’encre de chine sur papier, 34 x 44 cm © Hamid Tibouchi, 2008

Alicia Byrne Keane
Pressing daffodils

Rob Miles

Lewis Wood
On Sontag: Her Life by Benjamin Moser

Maxine Rose Munro
Licht Oot

Daisy Behagg
white noise

Julia Guez
Hymn, Then


Jessica Schott-Rosenfield
Concentric Circles in the Street

John James
On Flourish by Dora Malech

Erin Clark
neuro oncology wing

Nathan Spoon


Articulation | Lavis d’encres sur velin d’arches, 43x 33 cm © Hamid Tibouchi, 2008

Letter to a Young Editor, by Editor-in-Chief, Patrick James Errington


The Editors