Gerda Stevenson


Atween Shooers


Anely a glisk it took,
staunin there amang trees,
tae lat it aa gae;
needles o yallaein larik
lown in thair faa,
a gled line o bird caa
through quate fidder
o russet an gowd
lowsed frae birk an gean;
blue firs in fauld on fauld
o liftin mist, an syne, ance mair,
the douce hiss o siftin smirr.




Between Showers


It only took a moment,
standing there among trees,
to let it all go;
needles of yellowing larch
in noiseless fall,
a clear line of bird call
through mute flutter
of russet and gold
released from birch and gean;
blue firs in fold upon fold
of rising mist, and then
the gentle hiss
of sifting drizzle again.



Gerda Stevenson is a Scottish writer, actor, director and singer-songwriter. Her poetry, drama and prose have been widely published, staged and broadcast. Her published volumes of poetry are: INSIDE & OUT – the ART of Christian Small (2019); EDINBURGH, with landscape photographer Allan Wright; IF THIS WERE REAL (2013), published in Italian as SE QUESTO FOSSE VERO (2017); and QUINES: Poems in Tribute to Women of Scotland (2018, 2nd ed 2020).

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