Issue 7, Winter 2020

Letter to a Young Poet, by Ruth Padel

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Maya C. Popa
Wound Is the Origin of Wonder’

Callie Gardner
‘fifth letter / moonletter’

Eloise Hendy
‘the skin of my teeth’

Iain Britton
‘existence of a passion flower’ & ‘toffee apple’

Omitted Center | watercolor on paper; variable dimensions © Karolina Krasouli, 2015

Nina Mingya Powles
on Mona Arshi’s Dear Big Gods

Aaron Kent
‘Bone Idol’

Corrado Govoni
‘Downpour’ & ‘Hedge’
translated by Paula Bohince

Naima Rashid
‘Iffat Khala’

Andrew Wells
‘the game is to misread…’ & ‘finales’

Joe Carrick-Varty
‘Six Lies’ & ‘All the Devil’s Mess’

Mhairi Owens
‘Besom’, ‘Wastemeenster’, & ‘The Flytin o the Man o The Minch an Morrough’

Mary G. Wilson

Grid of scanned envelopes (watercolor on paper) © Karolina Krasouli

leena aboutaleb
‘min el muyeh, we give birth’

Theresa Muñoz

Lily Blacksell
‘Cockrow Crown’

Helena Fornells
on Tessa Berring’s Bitten Hair

Gabriella Attems
‘High Tower’

Untitled | black and white analogue photographs on baryté paper; 48x48cm © Karolina Krasouli

Samuel Tongue

Nasser Hussain

Amy Acre
‘atheism’ & ‘you know it’s love rousing you to snap that creature’s neck’

Hanna Nielson
‘Warrior at the Weir’

Marina Martino
on Roseanne Watt’s Moder Dy

Giorgio Papitto
‘An exemplary shipwreck’

Near-Rhyme | oil on canvas, table; 20x30cm © Karolina Krasouli, 2015

Ruth Padel
‘Listen’ & ‘Take This Cup from Me’

Laura Muetzelfeldt
on Lavinia Greenlaw’s The Built Moment

Sarah Shapiro

Beth Ford
‘Matryoshka Dolls’

Mai Der Vang
‘Allied with the Bees’ & A Daub of Tree Swallows as Aerial Ash’

Wind Turbines Series No 5 | watercolour on watercolour paper; 25×34.4cm © Louise Wheeler, 2019

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors


Wind Turbines Series No 9 | watercolour on watercolour paper; 25.5×31.6cm © Louise Wheeler, 2019