Maxine Rose Munro

Licht Oot


Da ambulance lichts wir dat boannie
i da dark; blue sparkled laek christmas
apo benkled steel.

Commuters, happit wi boredom, fun
bit da clock’s tick, dir frustrated
fingers yockit static wheels.
Naethin shifted

bit wan ambulance dat peltit
trowe traffic an time on shockit
motorwyes shadowed blue fir a while

dan gien. Dat boannie, i da dark.
An aa things hed a different licht
efterwirds. Hit wis sadness itsell
ta see it geng.


happit – wrapped | yockit – firmly grasped | peltit – moved swiftly | shockit – choked



Maxine Rose Munro is a Shetlander adrift on the outskirts of Glasgow. She writes in both English and her native Shetlandic Scots, and is widely published in the UK and beyond, both in print and online. Find her here:

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