Issue 6, Summer 2019

Letter to a Young Poet, by Annie Freud

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Kyle Dargan                 ‘King for a Day’ & ‘I Know You from the Screen’

Hannah Regel              ‘Do Nothing, Do Absolutely Nothing’ & ‘Eviction Notice’

Helena Fornells           on Rachael Allen’s Kingdomland

Ella Frears                     ‘Elegy for the Cassini Spacecraft’ & ‘Sermon (for the burial of Cassini)’

Elizabeth Droppers     ‘The Golden Fish’

Du Fu                             ‘Mornin’ & ‘Nicht’
translated by Brian Holton

Unique Cyanogram with Plant Fragments © Alexander Hamilton


‘It turned red’                                Amy Key
& Rebecca Perry

‘The Drought’ & ‘Forwarding’                             Jay G. Ying

on Tina Mozelle Braziel’s Known By Salt              Alycia Pirmohamed

Worse Meditations: ‘Seven A.M.’, ‘Nine A.M’, & ‘Five P.M.’         Nathaniel Rosenthalis

‘Bound’             Christie Williamson

‘Inside of an inside joke’ & ‘Until some annoying angel comes’                    Donato Mancini

on Dana Grigorcea’s An Instinctive Feeling of Innocence                         Caroline Froh

‘Bog Star Sonnet’ & ‘c.21st vernissage’                  Heather H. Yeung

Fabricating Fantasy: Red | Installation; Oil on panel, Giclee print, and satin fabric © Allyson Keehan


Dominic Leonard            on L. Kiew’s The Unquiet & Seán Hewitt’s Lantern

Hans Lucht                       ‘Played in Reverse’

Sarah Brownsberger       ‘To the Honourable, Learned Walter Raleigh’

Kimi Traube                     ‘Let’s not pretend it hasn’t happened to you, too’ & ‘Let’s hope she burned it’

Christine De Luca            ‘Stills’

Agnes Hanying Ong        ‘Ichthys!’ & ‘Fobby’


‘The Angels and Frogs Are Speaking’ & ‘The Day After’                    Nathan Spoon

‘Fragments’ & ‘Pendulum’                 Nene Giorgadze
translated by Ryan Van Winkle

‘The Escape’                   Lila Rabinovich

‘Echolocation’                            J. C. Scharl

on Fatimah Asghar’s If They Come for Us                        Ethan Milner

‘Lean Marsh Funeral’     Stephen Scott Whitaker

Married at First Sight: ‘s03e01’ & ‘s03e02’                   Richard O’Brien
& Jack Nicholls

Unique Cyanogram with Plant Fragments © Alexander Hamilton


Polly Atkin                  ‘Frog Season’ & ‘Pond Life’

Lauren Diethelm       ‘Monk by the Sea’

Marina Martino          on Ilya Kaminsky’s Deaf Republic

Rab Wilson                  Professor Sharmanka’s Magick Sheddae Schaw

Nick Flynn                  ‘Life is Sweet’ & ‘If I Speak for the Dead I Must Leave’

Unique Cyanogram with Plant Fragments © Alexander Hamilton

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors

Unique Cyanogram with Plant Fragment © Alexander Hamilton