Issue 9, Winter 2021

Letter from a Young Poet, by Will Harris

*Please note that the particular spacing of some of the poems may be affected by viewing in a small window or on a phone. We recommend reading the issue on as wide a screen as possible.


Rowan Lyster

Rachael Boast
‘Leaves of Maria the Shepherdess’

Truth Thomas
‘There are Black Lives Matter Signs’


‘Cat from a design by Román Diáz on a book page’ © nano-origami by Anya Midori, photograph by Dr Fabian Haas | paper size 18mm x 18mm

Samuel Tongue
‘The impossibility of extinction in the mind of someone living’

Christopher Blackman
‘Auto-brewery Syndrome’ & ‘Lear Season’

Julia Otxoa
translated by Brenae Newhard, Allison Stickley, & Mallory Truckenmiller
‘Christmas Dinner’

Emma Bussi
on Natalie Diaz’s Postcolonial Love Poem

Satya Dash
‘Productivity for Dummies’


‘Sun vortex, original design, on a beer bottle’ © nano-orimagi by Anya Midori, photograph by Dr Fabien Haas | paper size 38mm x 38mm

Georgia Haire

Luke Palmer
‘Dogs’ & ‘Jesus in the Networked Battlespace’

Dorothy Lawrenson
‘Bladnoch’ & ‘On hearin Auld Lang Syne tae a different tune’

Cheryl Pearson

Jordan Joy Hewson
‘Aerial Rumour’ & ‘Thin Land’

Dominic Leonard
‘On deleting a villanelle about my grandfather’

‘Holding Hands’ © Salavat Fidai, 2016

Stewart Sanderson
‘The Borders’ & ‘Goshawk’

Elena Ender
‘Kate McKinnon’

Gerda Stevenson
‘Atween Shooers’ / ‘Between Showers’

Andrew Neilson

‘Dahlia from a design by Hajime Komiya on a screw’ © nano-origami by Anya Midori, photograph by Dr Fabian Haas | paper size 18mm x 18mm

Marcas Mac an Tuairneir
‘Filiome Fantabulosa’

David Gagnon Walker
‘A Sunday Afternoon in Point Pleasant Park’

Nordahl Grieg
translated by Gerda Stevenson
‘Tae Youth’

Jennifer Franklin

Aaron Williams

‘School Teacher’ (inspired by Bruno Catalano) © Salavat Fidai, 2016

Acknowledgements & Thanks

The Editors

‘Girl on the Tip of a Pencil’ © Salavat Fidai, 2017