Giorgio Papitto



An exemplary shipwreck


Lights and dust, the last stars in your eyes,
Earth collapsing, sliding, lacking –
Brother, you are a docile ogre, a long muscle
Of nothing.
The history of Italy is an exemplary shipwreck: the hands,
A basket of snow in the last drying season. They fall
The docile trees on our house of foreigners
From our country, and a snapdragon is the only bite which
Can never speak in fragments. You are the little king
In command. With eyes as big as a crucifix
In a fire.
Changing clothes in winter is unnecessary: we are different
From our weakest guardians, we are
As small as a prone madonna, intent on sleeping.




Giorgio Papitto was born in Italy (1993). He lives in Leipzig (Germany) where he is a Ph.D. student at the Max Planck Institute for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences. During his Master’s studies, he took part in a poetry collective in Bologna and he organized the poetry festival «Langue – Festival della Poesia di San Lorenzo», held in Rome (2018). Recently, he founded the project «Poesia Minima», an attempt to combine poetry and graphics. Some of his poems have been published in Italian and international literary journals.

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