Ann-Kathrin Müller & Magdalena Treutwein


Crossfloor (1) © Ann-Kathrin Müller

‘Crossfloor (2)’ © Ann-Kathrin Müller


Magdalena Treutwein is an artist and musician living in Regensburg in Germany. For the last five years she studied music and media in Düsseldorf with a focus on the connection between different kinds of art especially text and music. After finishing her Bachelor of Music, Magdalena works now as a music teacher for harp. Furthermore she explores the field of code poetry and creates different projects in cooperation with other artists.

Ann-Kathrin Müller is an image-maker focusing in naturalistic painting and conceptual drawing. She is currently based in Edinburgh where she graduated from art school in 2018. This fall, she will embark on her practice-based PhD on the co-genesis of drawing and writing with supervision from the Bauhaus in Weimar (Germany) and from the Glasgow School of Art.

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