Dominic Hale





the director
of communications
in a cyclone of
pollen and
up to the runway
we’re glad
you’re sharing your life
with the defibrillators
you care about, credible
inedible on bloomfield rd
loaded an assembly of
cravings, flew
low in the app store
every possibility
folding the fucking
credulous back into
Insta history pavlova
hook me up, totemic Sign in
23,165 employees
as of September 30, 2017
the fecund pragmatists
woke to the rampart
taxiing now
member in the zipper
blob of sealant startled
by the buzzkill efficacious
irrealis mood





Opt Song


you i i i everything else
this must exist
relentlessly here, acquisition
of connectivity these
those fucking white
supper, preview TAIPEI
101 I’ve not never
overworked a day
fine iron
Filing, not a smartest
composer, billion torrent
torrent http://tinyurl
xgk4 are supertall
on top of
them tomorrow, rare
earth we
We name brightly https:/
9ofbw to overtax the nets: opt
Out anytime, entirely now
you are my best friend, walking
home to work



Dominic Hales poems have recently appeared in Blackbox Manifold, Test Centre, Poetry London, Ambit, Zarf, Datableed, and others. A short essay on the poetry of William Fuller was published by Wild Court in early 2018.

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