Acknowledgements & Thanks – Issue 9

There is never a shortage of people and organisations to whom repeated and embarrassingly effusive ‘thanks’ are owed for their support and encouragement in the making of each issue. This is only more true in a time of worldwide upheaval as we all continue to struggle through the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet there is never space enough to thank everyone we should – we hope, though, that those we cannot mention by name know who you are.

That said, special mention must be paid to the visual artists, whose extraordinary work gives this issue its particular and arresting watermark:


Anya Midori (AKA Anja Markiewicz) was born in Leipzig and has been folding ‘nano-origami’ since childhood. Folded by hand with only a toothpick, these pieces have drawn attention from all over the world for their delicacy and precision. You can find out more about her work and purchase your own ‘nano-origami’ on her website. Work by photographer Dr Fabian Haas can be found on his website.

Salavat Fidai is a Russian sculptor who makes miniature sculptures out of pencil graphite. Fidai’s microsculptures have been exhibited in London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Sharjah, and Saint Petersburg, with viewers often provided with magnifying glasses to view the tiny sculptures. He currently lives in Ufa, Russia.


In addition, special thanks are owed to the staff and advisors in the School of English at the University of St Andrews for their support and guidance; thank you to The Poetry Society, The Scottish Poetry Library, and StAnza, Scotland’s International Poetry Festival, for helping to promote the magazine.



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