Acknowledgements & Thanks: Issue Two



Nora Chassler’s collection of fragments, aphorisms and allegories, Madame Bildungsroman’s Optimistic Worldview, will be published by Valley Press in July 2017.

Ursula Andkjær Olsen’s collection, Det 3. årtusindes hjerte (Third-Millennium Heart), was published by Gyldendal in 2012.



All our thanks to all the contributors involved in this issue, including the poets, prose writers, and reviewers, as well as the visual artists who helped to create this issue.

Emils Gedrovics is a film photographer and science communication student at Imperial College London. He started playing around with a double exposure technique about two years ago, and it quickly became his favourite way of capturing memories. Double exposure can portray a mind in two or more different realities (perhaps even worlds) – often more accurate as the representation of memory than a single exposure. He also sees something comforting in the idea that this clash of different worlds can result in something beautiful and strangely cohesive.
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Miranda Stuart is a postgraduate student at the Glasgow School of Art. After graduating from the University of St Andrews, followed by a stint working in a museum in Oxford and as an au pair in Tokyo, Miranda moved to Glasgow to study design. While she has now swapped the castle and tides for the hum of cars and motorway flyovers, she still has the occasional flashback to running, caffeine-fuelled, down the Scores to hand in yet another late English essay.
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Joseph Birdsey is an amateur poet and photographer, living in South East London. His series of photographs of Tokyo is an attempt to explore the idea of place and the everyday; the notion that nothing makes us more aware of a true sense of place, and how it changes, than domestic details. To keep up with his artistic and diaristic musings, follow him on Twitter, where he tweets as @flaregun.
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Anna O’Connor graduated from the University of St Andrews in 2016. She now lives and works in Portland, Oregon.
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In addition, a great many thanks are owed to the University of St Andrews and the English Department for their constant support, Topping & Co. Bookshop in St Andrews, The Scottish Poetry Library, and the StAnza Festival for promoting this issue, and The Byre Theatre in St Andrews for hosting the launch of this issue.


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