Christie Williamson



for Campbell


Wance da lightnin struck thrice
I kent da time wis richt
ta slip da rop aff da grind, stride
up da girse, takk da style
wi ony panache I could muster
an pick mi wye alang da dark path.

Ahint coortins draan quick tae thunder
a future moored tae da truth heard
da rain but nivvir felt da winds
trow ticht waas risin fae da side
o a green hill.

Faur awa fae Ladybank, da boat dips
a nose intae da bielin sea.  Da bridge
is fu, da hull stappit.  Da final teddir
tae da laund is slippit.

Sheenin unhindered i da nicht
comes da holy spray, sokkin aathin;
da dowtir as pure as a baitless heuk;
da midder o invention, as necessary
as da braeth du takks whan da storm
is passed.



Kent: knew | grind: gate | girse: grass | wye: way | ahint: behind | coortins: curtains | trow: through | waas: walls | fae: from | stappit: stuffed | aathin: everything | teddir: tether | dowter: daughter.

Christie Williamson is from Yell in Shetland and has lived in Glasgow for most of the 21st century. His poems have been appearing since 2003 in places like the New Shetlander, Poetry Scotland, New Writing Scotland and Gutter. His debut pamphlet, Arc o Möns (2009, Hansel Co-operative Press), was a Spanish/Shetlandic bilingual edition of Federico Garcia Lorca poems and joint winner of the Calum MacDonald Memorial Award. Oo an Feddirs appeared from Luath in 2015. He is Scots poetry editor of Tapsalteerie Press and runs Tell it Slant Books.

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